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ROBERT (d. 1178), abbot of Glastonbury, formerly prior of Winchester, became abbot of Glastonbury in succession to Henry of Blois [q. v.], bishop of Winchester, in 1171 (Johannis Glastoniensis Chronica, i. 172, ed. Hearne). Through his ill-advised acceptance of the canonry of Wells, which he was shortly driven to resign, two churches—Pilton and South Brent (the patronage of which was disputed between Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Abbey)—fell under the jurisdiction of Wells, and were lost to the abbey (ib.) Otherwise the abbey prospered under Robert's rule. He remitted to it certain of his dues, enriched the church with gifts, and instituted a festival for the brethren and the poor after his death (Chronica, i. 172). He died on 28 April 1178, and was buried in the south part of the chapter-house (ib.) He was author of ‘De actibus Willelmi et Henrici episcoporum Wintoniæ,’ printed in Wharton's ‘Anglia Sacra,’ pp. 394 et seq. (Hardy, Descr. Cat. ii. 398, 491; Wright, Biogr. Litt. ii. 321; Tanner, p. 636). He is also credited, on doubtful authority, with the ‘Speculum Ecclesiæ,’ extant in Cotton. MS. Tiberius B. xiii. 3.

[In addition to the authorities cited in the text, see Warner's History of the Abbey of Glastonbury, Introd. pp. cxxvi–vii.]

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