Royal Naval Biography/Suckling, William Benjamin

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Son of Colonel Suckling, cousin to the immortal Nelson.

This officer passed his examination, and was appointed lieutenant of the Talbot sloop, Captain the Hon. Alex. Jones, in Oct. 1809. He subsequently served in the Milford 74, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral (now Sir Richard G.) Keats, employed in the defence of Cadiz; and Unité frigate, Captain Edwin H. Chamberlayne, on the Mediterranean station. In the beginning of July, 1814, he was promoted to the command of the Merope sloop; and on the 19th Feb. 1822, appointed to the Racehorse, of 18 guns, which vessel he lost in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man, in the month of Nov. following. His last appointment was, March 15th, 1828, to the Medina 20, fitting out for the African station, from whence he returned home, invalided, in the spring of 1829.