Sark Order in Council 1675

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Suspension of the Sark Court and Institution of the Office of Seneschal by Order in Council  (1675) 
by Charles II of England

The Order in Council of, 19 May 1675, which suspended of the Sark Court and the Office of Seneschal.

19th MAY 1675


Trusty and well beloved we greet you well, whereas it hath been represented unto us by our truly and well beloved Sir Philippe de Carteret, Baronet, Lord of the Island of Sark, that the Jurats of the said Island having refused to take the oaths and subscribe to the declaration and receive the sacrement of the Lords Supper in such a manner as by law is directed, you the Bailiff and Jurats of our Court of our Island of Guernsey have according to the Act Parliament in that behalf made and provided, taken from them their civil authority. AND whereas the rest of the inhabitants are poor and illiterate or so averse to the laws of the Church of England as to become incapable of becoming magistrates in the said Isle and thereby the said Island hath remained for above a year without any administration of Civil Justice to the great prejudice of our subjects there:

We have thought fit and do hereby order and direct, that you the Bailiff and Jurats of our said Court of Guernsey do give oath to a Seneschal and establish such other Officers as shall be requisite for the administration of the Civil Justice there and who shall be named by the said Sir Philippe de Carteret in like manner as the said Sir Philippe doth at St. Ouen in Jersey and other Lords of the Island of Jersey and Guernsey do appoint in their respective Manors and Fees in the said Isles and for so doing this shall be your warrant and so we bid you farewell.

GIVEN at our Court at Whitehall the nineteenth day of May, One thousand six hundred and seventy five in the seven and twentieth year of our reign.

Signed by his Majesty's Command,.

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