Sawtrey, James (DNB00)

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SAWTREY or SAWTRE, JAMES (fl. 1541), protestant writer, published at Zürich in 1541 'The Defence of the Marriage of Preistes agenst Steven Gardiner, Bishop of Wynchester, William Repse [i.e. William Rugg or Reppes, [q. v.], Bishop of Norwiche, and agenst all the Bisshops and Preistes of that false popish secte, with a confutacion of their unadvysed Vowes unadvysedly diffined whereby they have so wykedly separated them whom God coupled in lawfull Marriage. Made by James Sawtry, printed at Zuryk by Jan. Froost,' 1541, 8vo (Brit. Mus.) He was apparently in prison in 1554 (State Papers, Dom. Mary, viii. 68).

[Hazlitt's Collections, ii. 535; Tanner's Bibl. Brit.]

W. A. S.