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SINNICH, JOHN (d. 1666), theologian, was born in the county of Cork of Roman catholic parents. He was educated at the university of Louvain, where he took orders as a secular priest and obtained the degree of doctor of theology. In 1641 he became president of the greater theological college at Louvain, and in 1648 he was appointed professor of theology in the university. He died there on 8 May 1666, leaving his personal property to the college to found bursaries to maintain students from Ireland at Louvain, Bruges, or Turnhout.

He was the author of: 1. ‘Confessionistarum Goliathismus Profligatus; sive, Lutheranorum Confessionis Augustanæ Symbolum profitentium Provocatio repulsa.’ The dedication is dated 31 Oct. 1656. A second edition, of which a unique copy is in the British Museum, was published at Louvain, 1667, fol. 2. ‘Saul Exrex: sive de Saule, Israeliticæ Gentis Protomonarcha,’ licensed at Louvain on 30 May 1662. A second edition was published at Louvain in 1665, and a second part was published at Louvain in 1667 after Sinnich's death. Both are in the British Museum. His death prevented the issue of a third part. Johann Hallervord (1644–1716), the German bibliographer, assigns to him ‘Vindiciæ Decalogicæ,’ Louvain, 1672, 4to (Bibl. Curiosa, 1676, p. 203).

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