Sonnet 7 (Barnfield)

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Sweet Thames I honour thee, not for thou art
     The chiefest River of the fairest Ile,
     Nor for thou dost admirers eies beguile,
But for thou hold'st the keeper of my heart,
For on thy waves, (thy Christal-billow'd waves),
     My fairest faire, my silver Swan is swimming:
     Against the sunne his pruned feathers trimming:
Whilst Neptune his faire feete with water laves,
Neptune, I feare not thee, nor yet thine eie,
     And yet (alas) Apollo lov'd a boy,
     And Cyparissus was Silvanus joy.
No, no, I feare none but faire Thetis, I
     For if she spie my Love, (alas) aie me,
     My mirth is turn'd to extreame miserie.