Southern Historical Society Papers/Volume 01/April/Prison Rules at Fort Delaware

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Southern Historical Society Papers, April 1876

Dr. Handy has preserved in his letter-book an original copy of


which we give in full:

Headquarters Fort Delaware,
July 8th, 1864.

    I. Roll call at reveille and retreat.
   II. Police call at 7 A. M. and 4 P. M.
  III. Breakfast call at 8 A. M.; dinner, 2 P. M.
 IV. Sergeants in charge of the prisoners will exact from them a strict compliance with the above calls, which will be regularly enforced, and must promptly report to the officer in charge, the number present and absent, sick, etc.; and any who are guilty of insubordination, or any violation of the rules of this prison. They must also notify their men that if they do not promptly obey any order given them by a sentinel, officer, or men in charge of them, they will be shot.
  V. Sergeants in charge will be held responsible for the due execution of these rules, and for the regular accounting for the number of their men.

By command A. Schœpf, Brigadier-General.

(Signed)George W. Ahl,
Captain and A. A. A. G.