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Did you mean: at a situhi
  • it were opens out into Atma, until the Self is seen in his splendour, with only a film of atmic matter, the envelope of Atma in the manifested fivefold
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  • synonymous. As salt being dissolved in water becomes one with it, so when Atma and mind become one, it is called Samadhi. When the Prana becomes lean (vigourless)
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  • Mudra. This Maha Mudra has been described as the giver of great success (Siddhi) to men. It should be kept secret by every effort, and not revealed to any
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  • of the principles in nature and in man; and Atmajnyani is the knower of ATMA or the Universal, ONE SELF. ^  (10). Kala Hansa, the "Bird" or Swan. Says
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  • knows the Upanishads how powerfully the same doctrine, the doctrine of the Átmâ and Paramâtmâ, was put forth by your old Rishis. "Many years ago I ventured
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