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  • RUTHENIAN GREEK CATHOLICS The word Ruthenian is derived from the later Latin Ruthenia, the former name for Russia, and of course the Ruthenians might well be
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  • Austro-Hungarian Empire the Ruthenians are separated from one another by the Carpathian Mountains, which leave one division of them in Galicia and the other in
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  • Tyszkiewicz published a valuable monograph on the Tombs of Lithuania and Western Ruthenia. And Professor Joseph Łepkowski, of Cracow, has greatly enriched the archaeological
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  • longer bribed to the support of the Hapsburg throne by leave to oppress the Ruthenia of East Galicia, at least one motive of party, one vested interest, should
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  • birchen boughs into them, saying, "May my flax be as tall as this bough!" In Ruthenia the bonfires are lighted by a flame procured by the friction of wood. While
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  • in the ore of platinum, forming no fewer than four different oxides. [Ruthenia, a name of Russia.] Rutic, rōō′tik, adj. pertaining to, or derived from
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