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  • The reign of Krishna III. was remarkable for a war with the Cholas, in which the Chola king was killed on the field of battle in 949. The last of the
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  • modern Rajahmundry owed its importance to later dynasties. The Chalukyas here gave place to the Cholas, who in turn were ousted by the Reddi kings, who
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  • absolute monarch ruling over an extensive tract of country, including the Chola country or Tanjore, and Conjeveram, and as the only possessor for the time
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  • Madras. Pop. (1901) 57,870. As the last capital of the ancient Hindu dynasty of the Cholas, and in all ages one of the chief political, literary and religious
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  • Kuru. From Turvasu were descended the kings of Pandya, Kerala, Kola and Chola. From Druhya wre descended the kings of Gandhara. The horses of the Gandhara
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  • The epigraphic records of Bengal proper, of the Kośala Guptas and of the Chola kings, have amply proved that even during the time of the later Pālas, the
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  • that they proceeded from the sea-coast of Bengal by boat and founded the Chola kingdom at Kānchi. As the phrase Pangala or Bangala Thiraiyar is equivalent
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  • obtain in abundance from the eighteenth dynasty onwards (vol. vi. m I.cpsius Denkmciler). Before the eighteenth dynasty ( 1 500 B.C.) chariots and horses were
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  • followed the fortunes of the Vijaya-nagar generals, by whom the Chola and Pandiya dynasties were subverted in the fifteenth century, and who were rewarded
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  • Madras, which was held independently by the more ancient Chola, Pandya, Chera, and Satuja dynasties. Soon after Asoka's death, his kingdom broke up into several
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  • viceroys. Envoys were also sent, as far as the Tâmraparni river, to the Chola and Pândya kingdoms of the extreme south of the peninsula, which were independent
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  • flight she was delivered of a male-child. After some time. the chiefs of the Chola kingdom, proceeding to elect a king, determined, by the advice of the saint
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