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  • pole from falling. "There is going to be an accident here," declared the girl aloud. "I wonder the company doesn't send out men to fix it. Although I guess
    291 bytes (1,452 words) - 11:36, 28 January 2013
  • the little girl aloud. "How have you got there?" "Walked, of course," answered the little Marionette in a sweet little voice. The little girl's astonishment
    5 KB (795 words) - 14:50, 17 April 2012
  • eyes. Then the parrot, talking in a small, high voice like a little girl, said aloud, "Bumpo, some one might turn thee into a white prince perchance." The
    264 bytes (1,161 words) - 03:02, 30 January 2013
  • trousers to Betsy than anything she had ever seen. Then one of the girls read aloud very slowly the mysterious-sounding directions from the wrapper of
    326 bytes (4,398 words) - 11:09, 17 June 2016
  • little thing, I suppose she's never seen a man before. Oh, these country girls!" Aloud he was saying: "This is such a perfect country. You ought to sketch
    21 KB (4,002 words) - 09:34, 17 January 2016
  • happened, whereat they were sore afflicted and the women and slave-girls shrieked aloud and kept up their lamentation for the space of seven days. Moreover
    1 KB (8,025 words) - 11:38, 26 April 2015
  • from being ill-used once, and I will again, and I do now,' continued the girl aloud; 'for those who would have fetched you, if I had not, would have been
    16 KB (3,001 words) - 21:15, 11 November 2015
  • field in action. "I hope Ronny won't get his pate cracked," said the girl, half aloud, as the four grays drew up with a flourish, and the usual bustle on
    268 bytes (3,152 words) - 01:11, 18 March 2014
  • same facility. "Great heavens!" said the cook, a good and devout girl, quite aloud, "what a pretty little priest!" M. de Rênal's self-esteem became uneasy
    275 bytes (3,062 words) - 04:41, 31 August 2013
  • the twin cities. The buffeting winds caught and tossed it, and the girl laughed aloud in sheer joy of the resultant thrills. She handled the little ship
    21 KB (3,762 words) - 16:28, 14 April 2012
  • drunken fit, the morning we ran away; and here’s the end of it.’ The girl wept aloud; and the father, sinking his head upon his knees, rocked himself to
    25 KB (4,635 words) - 21:23, 9 May 2009
  • boy for three girls! THE GIRLS Are you such a lad, eh? PEER You shall judge for yourselves! FIRST GIRL To the hut! To the hut! SECOND GIRL We have mead
    226 KB (41,754 words) - 03:55, 22 January 2016
  • sighed the little girl, half aloud. "I wish I could be happy again!" Then her childish heart gave a bound of delight, and she laughed aloud and brushed from
    203 KB (37,646 words) - 11:37, 16 April 2012
  • Reading Societies," where the Oz Books owned by different members are read aloud. All this is very gratifying to me and encourages me to write more stories
    4 KB (531 words) - 23:38, 27 August 2015
  • behind the Girls. As the Girls move to go off, each Pirate seizes a Girl. Pirate King seizes Edith and Isabel, Samuel seizes Kate. Girls Too late! Pirates
    56 KB (9,164 words) - 00:40, 7 June 2015
  • shroud. One hush the more within the room's dark shade, One less word said aloud. It is not much: one prayer the less to God, From Whom all prayers have
    378 bytes (331 words) - 15:20, 23 September 2015
  • a moment that she had breathed a syllable aloud; for she was not allowed to awaken Helen. Instead, a girl went to either side of the bed and leaned over
    267 bytes (1,493 words) - 22:12, 28 January 2013
  • Mary Louise and the Liberty Girls by L. Frank Baum Chapter X. THE EXPLOSION 1408171Mary Louise and the Liberty Girls — Chapter X. THE EXPLOSIONL
    7 KB (1,235 words) - 08:18, 4 December 2012
  • FrogsK. Langloh Parker The Youayah Mayamah, or Stone Frogs A family of girls once so offended an old wirreenun that one day, when they were out hunting
    350 bytes (1,274 words) - 10:16, 25 October 2015
  • Deereeree was a widow and lived in a camp alone with her four little girls. One day Bibbee came and made a camp not far from hers. Deereeree was frightened
    451 bytes (571 words) - 06:04, 19 October 2015

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