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  • give him the right, or Upper Hand, and Walk not even with him, Cheek by Jole; but a little behind him, yet not so distant as that it shall be troublesome
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  • important, the Ogowé (q.v.), is, however, navigable from its mouth to N’Jole, a distance of 235 m. Rivers to the south of the Ogowé are the Nyanga, 120
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  • it be. Down in de spring-house no use in talkin'— Col' greens an' hog-jole's good enuff fo' me. Down to de spring-house missus comes a-callin', Ol'
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  • speak: they very often suggested the motive of the air to the composer. Jole-Maria Baroni, in an essay on the Lirica musicale di Metastasio, makes a brief
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  • We had wheat bread white ez cotton an' a egg pone jues like gol', Hog jole, bilin' hot an' steamin' roasted shoat an' ham sliced cold -- Look out!
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  • fearful to relate, the dragon and the grasshopper actually lie, cheek by jole, in the yard of his workshop. "Others," as Mr. Skryme is accustomed to say
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  • at euchre.—adv. Jok′ingly, in a joking manner. [L. jocus.] Jole, another form of jowl. Jole, Joll, jōl, v.t. (Shak.) to beat against anything, to clash
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  • incapable of firing bullets that have a consistent set of markings. See Joling, An Overview of Firearms Identification Evidence for Attorneys I: Salient
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  • the Swan in Fish Street at our Goal Feast, where we were very merry at our Jole of Ling, and from thence after a great and good dinner Mr. Falconberge would
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  • court, he used to kick away the state, and sit down by his prince cheek by jole; Confound these states, says he, they are a modern invention: when he spoke
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  • along with him, his companion on the outer side. What, shall I walk cheek by jole with a filthy Damas? I did not behave myself in that manner at Troy, contending
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  • e già le gelse tinte: E'l grand' Ercole vide tra costoro In grembo a Jole, e Bibli dolorosa Andar pregando Cauno pietosa. Tes. vii. 63-66; cf. P
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  • amonl borome. The dog that has left the house has no master. 77. Haitite on jole son naikone thy tanke gnon soja ko. If the stomach-ache were in the foot
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  • chop, cheek Bochaid, n. a chop full Bochdew, a. fat-cheeked Bochgern, n. a jole Bochgernaid, n. a chop-full Bochlug, a. blub-cheeked Bochiad, n. a munching
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