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  • in the Red Sea regions, inflicted a crushing defeat on some 4000 Egyptians at El Teb near Suakin. In April following Lupton Bey, governor of Bahr-el-Ghazal
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  • 2003 The Honorable George Pataki, Governor, State of New York The Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor, City of New York The Experience of the Attack
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  • in the Stuart interest; wrote an “Essay on Poetry,” &c. (1649-1721). Sheikh, the chief of an Arab tribe; used often as a title of respect, Sheikh-ul-Islam
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  • 6) tell el-Loz, F5 kefr el-Ma, B4 (ALEMA) shari'at-el Manadireh, AB4-5 (GOLAN) jebel el-Mani, D2 el-Mas'adiyeh, A4 (BETHSAIDA) el-Merj, DE1-2 el-Merkez
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  • financial manager, Sheikh Saeed, argued that al Qaeda should defer to the Taliban’s wishes. Another source says that Sheikh Saeed opposed the operation, both
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  • always a sheikh ul Islam and a cadi to act as judges among the Mussulmans. The Arabs called the Chinese emperor Faghfur, an alteration of the Persian Baghpur
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