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  • de Christiani, who was encouraged by the young royalists of the “Œillets Blancs” Association. A week later, the extraordinary and excessive police measures
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  • used of a girl who sends letters and packages to some man at the front. Marseillaise: the French National anthem. Médecin-chef: medical officer in charge
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  • perle au milieu des fleurs, les blancs chevaux à la crinière argentée, dont le pied grêle a des poils noirs comme des plumes d'aigle, Fénelon le cygne
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  • in Paris gave to the opposition, together -, with the war-song of the Marseillaise, the army which had been refused by Louis XVI., now disarmed. The vain
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  • not yet a public park, “cadencing their march by singing the Marseillaise or the Chant des Girondins, hymns unknown to the echoes of the region, which
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  • Isouard; Jacquard; Jadin; La Fage; Lecocq; Lef ebureWely; Lesueur; Loulit5; Loure; Lully; Maitrise; Malbrough; Marseillaise; Mass<5; Massenet; Mehul;
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  • Republican calendar, just as Rouget de Lisle had a sublime inspiration, the Marseillaise, and neither were guilty of a second offence; the attorney of the Commune
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  • illustrations of this is the birth of that grand war-song known as the "Marseillaise." Rouget de l'Isle, its author, was a captain of French Engineers stationed
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  • protector of the Roman State, identified at length with the Greek Ares. Marseillaise, The, the hymn or march of the French republicans, composed, both words
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  • execution, when they sang the Marseillaise around the dead man on the table, and are said to have composed ‘Mourir pour la Patrie.’ “To-day Arthur and I
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  • ambulance; sang La Madelon, sang AVec avEC DU, and Les Galiots Sont Lourds Dans Sac--concluding with an inspired rendering of La Marseillaise, at which the
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  • outside the house, a member of the opposition had begun to sing the Marseillaise, which was taken up by all the rest of the members in chorus. And then
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