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  • the second Pasei, and the third Malaca. In Majapahit there was Pati Aria Gaga Mada; in Pasei there was the orangcaya Raja Kenayen; and in Malaca, the bandahara
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  • presents, as we know, the same spectacle; and, in the heart of Africa, the Gagas, playing the part of the horde of Genghis-Khan, have mixed together the
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  • the wenches hear me, and this made me fear the more, lest they might be gaga; and then I begun to think that there was some design in a stone being flung
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  • for Buah fruit, and Mah, spot, place. A humah is called in Batavian Malay, Gaga and on Sumatra, Ladang. Humbut, the heart or Cabbage of Palm trees or Rattans
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