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  • the pororóca say that it breaks as far up the Amazon as Macapá; and, indeed, the people of Macapa themselves often refer to the rapid cutting away of the
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  • on the river. Among the ports on the Amazon (from its mouth upward) are Macapá, Santarem, Obidos, Manãos, Teffe, and Tabatinga. The commercial outlet of
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  • with its curling hair and high stock? It was impossible to say. Maria Macapa, the Mexican woman who took care of the lodgers' rooms, had been the first
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  • agent at his left; he--when he sat down at all--occupied the foot, Maria Macapa at his left, while next to her was Mrs. Sieppe, opposite Miss Baker. Owgooste
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  • 183785McTeague — Chapter 3Frank Norris Once every two months Maria Macapa set the entire flat in commotion. She roamed the building from garret to
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  • The river here is about ten miles wide. Large islands divide it into the Macapá and Gurupá channels; the latter conducting to Pará, the former running out
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  • inquired, glancing at Trina's towelled head. "Um hum," answered Trina. "Maria Macapa's coming in to help pretty soon." At the mention of Maria's name the little
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  • himself a white lawn tie--so Marcus directed; must look to it that Maria Macapa put his room in perfect order; and, finally, must meet the Sieppes at the
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  • of flashing tinware. Everything was new; everything was complete. Maria Macapa and a waiter from one of the restaurants in the street were to prepare the
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  • McTeague. About half an hour after the dentist had left to go down town, Maria Macapa had come in to see Trina. Occasionally Maria dropped in on Trina in this
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  • during these days. Trina had come to be on very intimate terms with Maria Macapa, and in the end the dentist's wife and the maid of all work became great
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  • stairs and a clamorous pounding upon his door. He opened it to let in Maria Macapa, her hair dishevelled and her eyes starting with terror. "Oh, MISTER Schouler
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  • curtains stirring and billowing in the draft, and she caught sight of Maria Macapa's towelled head as the Mexican maid-of-all-work went to and fro in the suite
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