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  • invented once for all at some definite place and time by some definite entertainer for children, and spread thence through all the Old World In a few instances
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  • they fighting about?" "The programme is rather elaborate," said his entertainer with some indifference. "I think Dr. Hertz drew it up." Turnbull wrinkled
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  • gravest attention: and they encouraged me to appear not as a passing entertainer, but as a faithful witness on the question which is now admittedly one
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  • smote her full in the face and set her hair all aglow, as if she were the Madonna. I could not see her well, but, as she bent over me, she seemed tall and
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  • Garden, and the Lyceum; the rest of his life he spent as a single-handed entertainer, charming countless audiences in Britain and America with his good singing
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  • loyal, upright gentleman, A liberal landlord, graceful diner-out, And entertainer more than hospitable, Whom authors dine with and forget the port. Whatever
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  • Spain; and further, Franz bethought him of having heard his singular entertainer speak both of Tunis and Palermo, proving thereby how largely his circle
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  • pressing engagement, and could not stay to hear the story of how their entertainer had contrived to "make so much out of so little." "How much time have
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  • house, and there to eat and drink, doing in general great honor to their entertainer. If there were no other witnesses, the Dutch painters all bear testimony
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  • and enhances beauty by its mystic, shadowy, half light. My amiable entertainers drove me one day to a village, or small town, called Guanabacoa, which
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  • leave if you like a little present, merely for a memorial, with your entertainer; he would be offended if you offered it him openly as a remuneration
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