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  • Chambers, William Wylly - Captain, 1846 Chamier, Frederic - Commander, 1826 Chapell, Charles - Retired Commander, 1845 Chapman, Charles Matthew - Lieutenant
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  • a preacher in owr chapell, And a' the lee-lang day teaches he; When day is gane, and night is come, There's never a word I mark but three. 'The first
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  • there to his father. His monument in that church also survives. The ‘powr chapell to be buryed in’ which he had originally destined for himself at Boxgrove
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  • is, a small one, or chapel. In (Val. Eccl.) "The chapell of our Lady of Poulton, called Poulton chapell" is named in the enumeration of the possessions
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  • ther is encresse of twoo bells one chalice & one olde vestemet at Holland chapell never put in any inventorie heretofoare." It may here be stated that in
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  • Gingeling in a whistling wind as clear, And eke as loud, as doth the chapell bell, There as this lord was keeper of the cell.
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  • often so, as you must be sensible of from the Thing you gott from ye Kings Chapell ground in 1769 and what H. gott from Olde Bury'g Point in 1690, that was
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  • 'My lorde the kynge of Englonde, Graunte me myn askynge. 'I made a chapell in Bernysdale, That semely is to se, It is of Mary Magdaleyne, And thereto
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  • Things to the Honowr of God VI Mark. And of John Walsingham, which expended in Glasing of the gret Wyndow in our Lady's Chapell, and in a blew Cope with ij
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  • the Sangreal. ‘“Right so Sir Lanncelot departed, and when he came to the Chapell Perilous, he alighted downe, and tied his horse to a little gate. And as
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  • be buried in the chapell of our Lady and St. Catherine, in St. Peter's church qweche newly I have begunne to make, the wech chapell I wyll that yt be
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  • vault) under the Pentney, setting fast the window in the entry called Chapell a Feld, and that door that goes into the Pentney, and other things there
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  • the north side of the Churche be made newe of my goods, like unto the chapell on the south side." The same year also, William Thacker, butcher, was buried
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  • Hey Awter, and to the place of the Frerys at Thetforth x.s. and to the Chapell of our Ladi in Thetforthe odyr x.s. also x.s. to Medylharlyng, & a Nobyl
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  • often so, as you must be sensible of from the Thing you gott from ye Kings Chapell ground in 1769 and what H. gott from Olde Bury'g Point in 1690, that was
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  • organs and the frames and cases wherein they stand in all Churches and Chapells aforesaid shall be taken away and utterly defaced, and none other hereafter
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  • convenient mesure be ordeynid & layd [over] dam Mary my modir, in the chapell of the chauntry foundid in the parissch chirche of Atilburgh, with an ymage
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  • place where they saye Mahumet is buried. CHAPTER XII.�Of the Temple or Chapell, and Sepulchre of Mahumet, and of his Felowes. His temple is vaulted, and
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