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  • Vespasian,' to which was prefixed 'An Essay on the Mystery and Mischiefs of Stagecraft.' The play had previously been accepted by Rich, the patentee of Covent
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  • some of his contemporaries, but he excelled them all in knowledge of stagecraft, in the power of coming quickly to the point in evolving his plots. He
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  • well-nigh forgotten, though the Spanish version is a dexterous piece of stagecraft and contains some elements of original value. Del dicho al hecho (1864)
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  • La Esposa del vengador, in which the good and bad qualities—the clever stagecraft and unbridled extravagance—of his later work are clearly noticeable. From
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  • superstition.” In the article Mozart we have discussed other evidences of his stagecraft and insight into character, talents for which his comic subjects gave
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  • dramatic interludes. On the other hand, Calderón's faculty of ingenious stagecraft is seen at its best in his "cloak-and-sword" plays (comedias de capa y
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  • to be abnormally gifted in the domain of music, poetry, painting, or stagecraft, with little or nothing to support the supposition, that a self-announced
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  • It was the first great triumph of the romantic drama. The brilliant stagecraft of the piece and its admirable historical setting delighted an audience
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  • and theatricality in the music, though at all points his epoch-making stagecraft asserts itself with a force that tempts us to treat the whole work as
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  • libretto which was already a finished literary product of consummate stagecraft before it ever became an opera. The perpetual surprises of its absurdly
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  • building which is composed and spacious; we go to a theatre where modern stagecraft has cut away distraction, or go to sea, or into a quiet place, and we
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  • to which he has committed himself is this: Massinger, in his grasp of stagecraft, his flexible metre, his desire in the sphere of ethics to exploit both
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  • the performance; but logic lures us into the greenroom where there is stagecraft but no drama at all; and then this logic nods its head and wearily talks
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  • London and elsewhere have considerably increased our insight into his stagecraft. Consequently we can now see that the older translations, even when verbally
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  • in schools or elsewhere; for this an adequate conception of classical stagecraft was wanting. The very knowledge of the metres of Terence was lost in the
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  • in schools or elsewhere; for this an adequate conception of classical stagecraft was wanting. The very knowledge of the metres of Terence was lost in the
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  • humorous incidents of the concluding act which attests a rare mastery of stagecraft. The ‘Venesyon Comedy,’ which Henslowe, the manager, produced at the Rose
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  • permeated the atmosphere. He had revealed possibilities of technical stagecraft and psychological delineation that, once realized, were not to be banished
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