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  • surprised, outrun, lightly bewildered sense of things that flash and fall, wink, and are overpast and renewed, while the gentle eyes of man hesitate and
    98 bytes (694 words) - 12:20, 25 April 2013
  • look, Far better than a printed book; Convey a libel in a frown, And wink a reputation down: Or, by the tossing of the fan, Describe the lady and
    904 bytes (1,950 words) - 03:49, 14 December 2014
  • you may very well think, But hardly ever set my eyes together, or slept a wink. So I was a-dream'd, methought, that we went and searched the folks round
    908 bytes (1,076 words) - 02:26, 12 December 2014
  • they 'as news to tell they smile, an' wink, An' bottle it, an' ask yeh wot yeh think. It's jist a silly game uv theirs, an' so, I gives the countersign:
    314 bytes (589 words) - 14:05, 20 October 2012
  • sez, "the 'Uns don't git my cars. Me di'mon's, too, don't let me sleep a wink . . . Ar, 'Struth! I'd fight fer that sort—I don't think." 'E sits there
    304 bytes (819 words) - 04:35, 14 April 2013
  • of the beer, and then he looked up at a window, and bestowed a platonic wink on a young lady who was peeling potatoes thereat. Then he opened the paper
    38 KB (6,472 words) - 16:47, 20 June 2012
  • valuable secret, Mr. Weller drained his glass once more, produced a laboured wink, sighed deeply, and slowly retired. ‘Well, what do you think of what your
    37 KB (6,364 words) - 17:47, 16 June 2012
  • first game. Not much! You've got to buckle down harder than ever from now until school closes." "Not even a cigarette?" asked Holly Cross, with a wink at
    256 bytes (2,115 words) - 08:36, 17 June 2015
  • of news, or worse. Football is not a gentle game, and the boy who is entirely satisfied with tiddle-dy-winks, as well as his father, who in his day had
    772 bytes (27 words) - 21:48, 24 August 2015
  • 'as a name fer smoogin' in our click! I jist lines up an' tips the saucy wink. But strike! The way she piled on dawg! Yeh'd think A bloke wus givin'
    353 bytes (24 words) - 04:25, 14 April 2013
  • replied] smild like a Cherub & said 1st rdg 10 smile like a Cherub & say] nod wink & smile & reply 1st rdg At the end the ms reads “&c / to come in Barry a
    54 KB (5,249 words) - 11:30, 5 March 2014
  • will hear dat to-night, see if you doesn't," and she gave a very mysterious wink at Dorothy, who just then nearly choked with her dessert. A few hours later
    290 bytes (1,531 words) - 11:53, 28 January 2013
  • then I sit Beside my fire to have a think. But my old dog won't sleep a wink; He fools, an' whines, an' nudges me. Then all at once I thinks of tea
    337 bytes (956 words) - 15:47, 21 December 2013
  • terror to tutors and professors; they compel them to assist or at least to wink at deception and dishonesty. It is useless to expect clean athletics when
    949 bytes (31 words) - 21:52, 24 August 2015
  • our fire,     So snugly kept our places. But when so near we saw them wink,     We thought it time to stop 'em, And 'twould have done you good, I
    3 KB (465 words) - 12:51, 16 April 2012
  • rolled off. Twice Kiddo Cook passed, but made no sign of recognition beyond a wink; and Dicky felt grateful for Kiddo's obvious fear of compromising him. Once
    306 bytes (1,146 words) - 15:10, 7 January 2016
  • or at Lord's. Then we turned to Roller-skating, how the God of Love must wink As he ponders o'er the havoc wrought on many a pleasant rink; There the
    13 KB (12,988 words) - 04:55, 30 January 2013
  • him. The descending twig had slashed the skin of his face, and he had to wink away some drops of blood from his eyelashes before he could take in a general
    12 KB (2,180 words) - 22:23, 28 February 2013
  • but I tipped them the wink, and they gave me the office whenever the old man happened around. “Well, Page came along with his game-rooster. Its name was
    10 KB (2,031 words) - 01:39, 29 January 2013
  • loss how to pursue the subject. At length Hugh, after some elbowing and winking between himself and Mr Dennis, ventured to stay his hand, and to ask him
    13 KB (2,302 words) - 22:00, 13 April 2012

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