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This page lists the tags that the software may mark an edit with, and their meaning.

Tag nameAppearance on change listsFull description of meaningSourceActive?Tagged changes
HHVMHHVMRevisions made with the HipHop Virtual Machine enabled instead of the Zend PHP interpreter (expected to improve performance, tagged for debugging/analysis)Defined by an extensionNo31,964 changes
PSM watchPSM watchDefined by an extensionYes21,682 changes
no headerno headerPages in need of the addition of the template headerDefined by an extensionYes5,710 changes
YYYY worksYYYY worksDefined by an extensionYes3,458 changes
Page blankingPage blankingDefined by an extensionYes1,129 changes
no author headerno author headerDefined by an extensionYes773 changes
vandalismadded trigger wordCheck for certain words which indicate vandalism unless present in the original work.Defined by an extensionYes677 changes
CommonsDelinkerCommonsDelinkerDefined by an extensionYes585 changes
mobile editMobile editEdit made from mobile (web or app)Defined by an extensionYes561 changes
mobile web editMobile web editEdit made from mobile web siteDefined by an extensionYes492 changes
spamspamDefined by an extensionYes472 changes
repeating charactersrepeating charactersDefined by an extensionYes467 changes
<b>no header</b><b>no header</b>No longer in useNo392 changes
<b>no author header</b><b>no author header</b>No longer in useNo86 changes
Replacing a page with obscenitiesReplacing a page with obscenitiesDefined by an extensionYes49 changes
double movedouble moveDefined by an extensionYes48 changes
OAuth CID: 67OAuth Uploader [1.0]Upload files to Commons via OAuth. Maybe some limited editing, later.Defined by an extensionYes22 changes
meta spam idmeta spam idNo longer in useNo7 changes
pattern vandalismpattern vandalismDefined by an extensionYes5 changes
NtsamrNtsamrDefined by an extensionYes4 changes
ntsamr versionntsamr versionDefined by an extensionNo0 changes
pattern botpattern botDefined by an extensionNo0 changes
mobile app editMobile app editEdits made from mobile appsDefined by an extensionYes0 changes