Statements on behalf of Abdullah Majid Al Noaimi (ISN 159)

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I have been asked by Abdullah Alnoaimi to write a statement to set forth my personal knowledge of the reason behind his journey to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In August 2001 I spoke with Abdullah and we both were concerned about Salman Al-Khalifa. Salaman Al-Khalifa is my cousin and close friend of Abdullah Alnoaimi. I did not know where Salaman was at the time. I assumed in Pakistan. I asked Abdullah to help locate Salaman Al-Khalifa. I had faith that Abdullah will bring Salaman back from Pakistan or Afghanistan.

I Mohammed Salaman Al-Khalifa state that Abdullah Alnoaimi did not have any intentions or connections with any jihad groups against the United States of America. The only reason he went to Pakistan and Afghanistan was to bring back his friend (Salaman Al-khalifa).

Mohammed Salman Al-Khalifa


ISN # 159

Abdallah Bin Majid Al Naimi

I know him like a Brother and a Friend. Since we were young and we were all Brother   him and the rest of his Brothers: Abed Al Rahman Ben Majid and Nasser Ben Majid and I knew then very well and God is my witness. And Abdallah Ben Majid is a straight Decent person has very high manners. I knew him since childhood. He was smart person in school and had lot's of Hobbies in poetry, and Horse Riding and   Shooting. and he was a person with Integrity and That with everybody and He used to spend Time in the Mosque and the Board. Mother of Majid Ben Sayah with His Brothers and His friends from school, and He Had no political Thoughts (IDEAS) or outside (Exterior) (INTENTIONS) and God is my witness praise God Allah

Mohamad Suleiman Alkaleifa


That is all I HAVe to say
And God is my witness