Statute Of The Primeiro Comando da Capital

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This is a translation of the Estatuto do Primeiro Comando da Capital, a criminal organization from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Statute

1. Loyalty, respect and solidarity to the Party, above all.

2. The Struggle for liberty, justice and peace.

3. The unity of the Struggle against injustice and opression inside prisons.

4. The contribution from those who are in liberty to the brothers inside prisons through lawyers, money, help to family members and prison outbreak operations.

5. The respect and solidarity to all members of the Party, so there are no internal conflicts, for he who causes conflicts within the Party, trying to divide the brotherhood will be excluded and shunned from the Party.

6. Never use the Party to solve personal conflicts with outsiders. Because the ideals of the party are above personal conflicts. But the party will always be loyal and supportive to all its members so that they don't suffer any inequality or injustice in external conflicts.

7. He who is in liberty and enjoying a good life, but forgets to contribute to the brothers in jail, will be condemned to death without forgiveness.

8. Members of the party have to set an example to follow and for that reason the Party does not allow mugging, rape and extortion within the System.

9. The party wont allow lies, treason, jealousy, greed, misdirection, selfishness and personal interest, but values truth, fidelity, manhood, solidarity and the interest in the common good, because we are one for all and all for one.

10. Every member has to respect the order and discipline of the Party. Each one will be paid accordingly to what he deserves for what he has done. Everyone's opinion will be heard and respected, but the final decision will be made by the founders of the Party.

11. The Primeiro Comando da Capital PCC was founded in the year of 1993, in an overwhelming and tireless struggle against opression and injustices in the concentration camp of the Casa de Custódia (House of Custody) and Treatment of Taubaté, with the absolute motto "Liberty, Justice and Peace".

12. The party won't allow internal rivalries, disputes for the leadership of the Command, as each member of the Command knows his own role according to his own capability to execute it.

13. We must remain united and organized to avoid a similar or worse massacre as the one which occurred in October 2nd, 1992, when 111 prisoners were cowardly murdered, a massacre that will never be forgotten in the consciousness of the Brazilian society. For we from the Command will change prison practices [that are], inhumane, full of injustices, opressive, [with] torture and prison massacres.

14. The priority of the Command is to put pressure on the State Government to deactivate the Concentration Camp of House of Custody and Treatment of Taubaté, from where the roots of the Comand originated, in the middle of such inglorious and atrocious suffering.

15. Emanating from the Central Command of the Capital of the KG of the State, the simultaneous action directives in all of the State's prison facilities, in a truceless war, borderless, until the final victory.

16. The most important of all is that no one will stop us in this struggle, for the seed of the Command has spread to all prison systems of the state and we managed to structure ourselves as well on the outside, with many sacrifices and irreparable losses, but we have consolidated ourselves on the state level and in the middle and long run we will consolidate ourselves on the national level. In a coalition with the Comando Vermelho - CV and PCC we shall revolution the country from within prisons and our armed wing will be the terror of "the powerful" opressors and tyrants that used the Taubaté Annex and Bangú I from Rio de Janeiro as an instrument of vengeance from the society in the fabrication of monsters.

We know our strength and the strength of our Powerful enemies, but we are ready and united, and a united people will never be defeated.