Summarized Unsworn Detainee Statement (Abdul Rahman Ma Ath Thafir Al Amri)

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Summarized Unsworn Detainee Statement

The Personal Representative provided the following statement on behalf of the Detainee:

Regarding the unclassified summary, paragraph 3.a.1, [The Detainee stated it was his duty to fight for Jihad.]

Detainee admitted it was his duty to fight Jihad since his initial capture and continues to admit to that today.He says it is all Muslims' responsibility to fight for Jihad when called upon by a Muslim government (in this case, and at that tiem, it was the Taliban).

Paragraph 3.a.2, [The Detainee has personal knowledge of al Qaida operatives in Afghanistan.]

Detainee admits he saw some key (al Qaida) figures. In many instances it was a normal part of the processes and places in Afghanistan. He saw Usama Bin Laden and Abu Hatat (phonetic) from a distance. He had also mentioned to interrogators other people he had seen in various areas. He volunteerd to fight for the Jihad, and was put in position in which he carried arms.

Paragraph 3.a.3, [The Detainee began his travel to Afghanistan in September 2001.]

Detainee admitted he traveled to Afghanistan in September (Islamic Year) 1421H (2000).

Paragraph 3.a.4, [The Detainee's travels took him form Jordan to Damascus, Syria; then to Tehran, Iran before reaching Kandahar and Kabul, Afghanistan.]

Detainee admitted this is true.

Paragraph 3.a.5, [The Detainee stayed at a guesthouse in Kabul where he relinquished his passport and belongings before leaving for the front lines to fight.]

Detainee admits he met with someone who took him to Kandahar, where he attended school for Jihad. He then proceeded to Kabul to be with and see other Arabs and to stay at the guesthouse. Detainee said there were several people at the guesthouse. He had put his papers and passport in a safe place prior to going toward the fighting lines.

Paragraph 3.a.6, [The Detainee was identified as having the alias Abu Anas.]

Detainee admitted in Afghanistan his name was Abu Anas.

Paragraph 3.a.7, [The Detainee was identified as the person responsible for providing a movie that provided all the details on how the USS Cole was attacked and the explosives that were used.] Paragraph 3.a.8, [The Detainee was identified as Abu Anas, a person responsible for providing a movie regarding the 11 September 2001 attacks.]

Detainee stated he had not completed middle school. Although his name was Abu Anas, there was another individual with the same name. Detainee believes it was the other individual who made the movies of those activities.

Paragraph 3.b.1, [The Detainee was trained in the Saudi Arabian Army on the anti-tank weapons, artillery, and light weapons.]

Detainee admitted he was in the Saudi Arabian Army for nine years and four months. Americans trained him during periods of his service with the Saudi Arabian Army. He left the Army approximately six months before going to Afghanistan.

Paragraph 3.b.2, [The Detainee fought in Tora Bora.]

Detainee stated he was in the Tora Bora region at the rear of the fighting lines. He had to go through Tora Bora in order to get to Pakistan. Detainee was told there were a number of Arabs in Tora Bora; his intent was to meet up with that group.

Paragraph 3.b.3. [The Detainee admits to carrying an AK-47 while retreating from Baghram, Afghanistan.] Paragraph 3.b.4 [The Detainee surrendered to the Pakistani Police.]

Detainee admitted he carried a weapon. He said anyone who had to move into the front line for information or travels was issued a weapon for that purpose.

Detainee said had his desire been to fight and kill Americans, he could have done that while he was side by side with them in Saudi Arabia. His intent was to go and fight for a cause that he believed in as a Muslim toward Jihad, not to go and fight against the Americans.


I certify the material contained in this transcript is a true and accurate summary of the testimony given during the proceedings.

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps

Tribunal President

ISN # 199
Enclosuer (3)