Supporting the Fatwa by the Afghani Religious Scholars of Ejecting the American Forces from the Land of the Two Holy Mosques

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Thanks be to Allah who made in the truth and its disclosure the destruction of falsehood and its followers. Prayers and peace by upon our prophet Muhammad who said that we should eject the infidels from the Arab peninsula, as narrated by Bukhari.

The nation of Islam is still faced with the case of the invasion of the American forces into the Land of the Two Holy Mosques. The reaction is escalating and deepening, and its roots are widening and spreading. The latest evidence of this reaction is the great Fatwa that was issued by the United Religious Scholars of Afghanistan, stressing the necessity of ejecting the American forces from the Arab peninsula and the Land of the Two Holy Mosque.

This Fatwa included the absolute Shari'a proofs showing that the entrance of these forces into this country is forbidden, and that their ejection is absolutely necessary.

The responsibility of ejecting them and declaring Jihad against theAmerican occupiers of the Land of the Two Holy Mosques lies with the entire nation of Islam, and it is not only the responsibility of the people of the Arabian peninsula and the Land of the Two Holy Mosques.

This Fatwa from the religious scholars of Afghanistan, which calls for the ejection of the American forces from the Land of the Two Holy Mosques, is the same Fatwa that the religious scholars and the truthful students of religion issued eight years ago when these forces entered the country. At the forefront of those who wrote the Fatwa were Shaykh Salman al'Awdah and Shaykh Safr al-Hawali. They and their brethren broke out the truth, at a time when others were talking falsely and influencing others to deviate from the truth. They have willingly paid the price of their truthfulness. The Saudi regime threw them into the darkness of prisons, an act intended to wipe out the truth and to hide the facts from the nation.

Motivated by deception, fraud, arousal of interest, and terrorism, another Fatwa was issued by some of the regime's religious entourage declaring the legality of summoning those forces, under the pretense of getting assistance from the infidels. The falsehood of this pretense has been uncovered by the events that followed. The truthfulness of what the arrested Shaykhs were calling for became apparent to everyone. These forces were forces of flagrant occupation, nothing more and nothing less. Allah - Glory be to Him - wanted nothing but to uncover the conspiracy of the Saudi regime and the other conspirators around it. The truth will appear even if the infidels hate it.

Allah has preordained that the truth would come out in this matter, and that many would stand up, many times more than what the Saudi regime has thrown in prison. The circle of interest in this matter by the nation of Islam is still growing day by day, both inside and outside the Arabian peninsula.

The last homily of the Imam of the Prophet's Holy Mosque was nothing but a model for expressing the level of rejection that the nations feel about the presence of the infidels. In his homily, the Imam of the mosque displayed the truth about the religious animosity of the Americans towards the Muslims, the level of influence of the Jews in America, the refusal of the Muslims to the presence of the American forces, and the necessity of forcing them out. The imam said, "Servants of Allah, the animosity is religious and America is not in command of anything, because she is totally submissive to the Jews who lead her anywhere they want. The Muslims do not by any means accept its military presence or the presence of any other infidel country."

[here followed a number of Hadith that prohibit having two religions on the Arabian peninsula. The military translators did not include them.]

The Prophet's last wish, may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him, is to drive the Jews and the Christians out of the Arabian peninsula, and this must be acted on.

Regarding the allegations that these forces came for peaceful purposes to help the inhabitants of the region, he said, "The security of the region is for the nations of the region, and that is their right. The large countries are the cause of problems and instability in the region, and they are the ones that create the incidents. They show up every time there is an incident under the pretense that they will improve the situation and eliminate the danger, yet they are the biggest danger of all. How can the fox be the shepherd for the sheep?

We have backed the Fatwas of the imprisoned Shaykhs before, and we have warned about the dangers of the existence of these Fatwas. If we want this Fatwa, that has no dust on it today, we invite everyone to conform and execute this Fatwa, because before it is not just a Fatwa from the religious scholars of the nation, it is a bequest from the messenger of Allah, may Allah's prayers and peace be upon him, where he said on his deathbed "Drive the polytheists out of the Arabian peninsula,", narrated by al-Bukhari.

Muharram 1, 1419

On their behalf,

Usamah bin Muhammad bin Ladin