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I am copying this straight from the first edition book (pictures can be uploaded if necessary), but the formatting is all wrong. This is supposed to appear like a table. How can I make this look like the table it is supposed to be? -Terets

Well, the easiest way (for you) would be to upload a picture (for referencing) and then someone that has plenty of experience with wiki-tables can do one for you. ;) Gimme a shout when you have a picture and I'd be happy to do it. EVula // talk // 16:51, 5 November 2008 (UTC)

Childs History England-Reigns1.JPG Childs History England-Reigns2.JPG

EVula, I have uploaded the two pictures of the Table of Reigns. Thanks for offering to assist with the proper formatting. Once you have what has been written in the proper format I can just follow the formatting you have done and complete the rest. As you can see, so far what I have done is try to preserve the original formatting in the book, but that appears to be difficult so am interested in what you will do with the formatting. -Terets