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I check four seperate historical hymnals that I have and all of them agree on the first four verses as being from John Newton. I added the note about the additional verses and left them in place.

- David
Hey, would anyone like chords with that?

G D7 Em C G
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
D7 G
That saved a wretch like me

Do songs with lyrics and chords go here, or in another wiki project? --Ed Poor 15:38, 20 October 2006 (UTC)

That recording is very poor. I'd almost say it is disrespectful of the original author, and it would be better without any music. Seriously, not only are they poor singers to start with, but they are way out of tune. It's just shameful. If you can find nothing in the public domain, at least provide a link to a good rendition, like