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The book of mormon is a false testiment with many wrong translations. I would like to find out all of these to help family. The bible says that if you change the Holy Book then you will be condemed.

Why are you telling us this?

I myself am LDS, and I am fine with other people believing this. I don't go telling everybody they are going to hell, and they aren't in any event. The Book of Mormon is not a version of the Holy Book, so we're not changing it, and in any case, the Bible itself has all kinds of wrong translations due to varying opinions and priests in the dark ages who decided to change passages that they didn't like. We're not a bad organization. If you got to know us, you'd agree. You're just making false assumptions due to what little you've been told and what you've been brought up being told.

We Mormons don't believe in people not of our faith will be condemned to hell for eternity. That's just stupid.

As you are a human being, you are good in some way. Try seeing things from other peoples' point of view. I'm sure you can manage that.-- 03:54, 20 January 2007 (UTC)