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After a heavy car accident[edit]

The german Uwe Prell lived married with a Thai woman in Thai region. After an heavy car accident,he was found under the death people in hospital by friend of his wife. Reananimation succeeded. Long time in Koma. Long time to reconstruct his broken bones. He got awaken with the severe idea, that he has to go to Mandalay with his wife, which seems in this vision not his nowadays-wife. He never has been in Mandalay in this life. Perhaps he has to enter into his neglected spiritual that means inner life? Perhaps he once, in an earlier life, lived in Mandalay??? Perhaps he returned out of spirituel Mandalay back to earth, to gain better conditions for spitiual life after next death?

He today lives in Frankfurt am Main. No work, no health, no idea, what he has to do in this new given life.


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