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Information about this edition
Edition: Dictionary of National Biography, 1901 supplement
Source: Supplement Vol I Abbott - Childers (duplicate)Supplement Vol II Chippendale - Hoste (duplicate)Supplement Vol III How-Woodward (duplicate)
Contributor(s): John Vandenberg,JamAKiska
Level of progress: 75%.svg Volumes I, II & III are ready to be proofread. Text quality appears to be well above 75% for all volumes, while image quality is very good.
Notes: Overall Good to very good image quality throughout. Volume I is a new source from IA (Dec. 2010). Duplicates II and III are in use.
Proofreaders: JamAKiska et. al.


  • Volumes I, II & III are available for proofreading.
  • The template {{DNB01}} mirrors the presentation of {{DNB00}} and provides the format for article creation within each of the supplemental volumes.

Explanation for new readers[edit]

The discussion page provides an overview of the article creation process.

The Wikisource editors have now completed the transcription effort for Volume I of the 1901 Supplement to the original Dictionary of National Biography. There are scanned images (pictures) of each page of the original. The scanned image quality in these Volumes ranges from "excellent" down to "good," with an overall quality of "very good."
Links to all scanned pages of volumes I, II, III and Errata are available.
Each supplement volume has an index towards the end that are labelled "ndx" on the respective pages. The Errata is arranged sequentially by volume numbers with the original 63 followed by the three in the 1901 Supplement.
The page numbering for each of the printed DNB volumes does not match the page numbering of the Wikisource scanned page index (djvu page numbering), because the scanned pages include the front matter as numbered pages. This is most noticeable in volume 1 that contains the biography of George Smith in the preface. Thus, you must add an offset to the printed page number to determine the Wikisource volume page number. Each volume differs. The djvu page number is required to create the article using transclusion. The Hindu-Arabic numbers on the volume index pages correspond to the text page numbers.


Use completed index pages from 1901 Supplement to create articles by means of the {{DNB01}} template. The {{DNB01}} template mirrors that of {{DNB00}} for those already familiar with its use. Each volume of the Supplement will have it's own ToC page much like the original 63 volumes. Index pages at the end of each volume aid the reader in locating the appropriate djvu pages editing. The DNB01 ToC pages will serve as a repository for created DNB01 articles.


Use existing article guidance (style and otherwise) located at Wikisource:WikiProject DNB.

Linking to these articles from Wikipedia[edit]

Use {{Cite DNB}}

How to Guide : article creation[edit]

- Pick a biography and locate this article within the 3 volumes.
(The Index pages found at the end of each volume labelled "ndx" are arranged alphabetically. The page numbers align with the Hinda-arabic numbers [page 1 of supplement can be found under "1"])
- Check errata for 1904 biography adjustments (editing those that apply to your chosen biography) See: Style guidance for Errata
- Edit these text pages (noting the corresponding djvu (or image) page numbers if the biography spills over one page
[page 1 of volume II represents the 13th image])
- Upon completion of proofreading, create the article using the {{DNB01}} template.
Items to consider crossing page boundaries (1) hyphenated words (2) article endnotes smaller font (3) links.
- Check for any corresponding wikipedia articles by means of a search.
- Create the biography by saving your changes.
- Verify links to your biography using the "what links here" link found in the margin, including the author of your chosen biography.
- When questions arise, add a topic to the Wikisource scriptorium and someone knowledgeable about your topic will respond when available. You can help this process by providing a link to your item of concern to allow a quick observation of your situation.

JamAKiska (talk) 19:46, 1 January 2011 (UTC)

Author listing[edit]

Appended is a longer list taken from Author pages, covering now authors A to F. I can work through all the author pages this way, running a few other checks too. For hiding the suffix, there should be a template analogous to {{DNB lkpl}} (also for single links an analogue to {{DNB link}}). Not hard to do: just a question of template name (and wording of the full reference). There is a usage question for Author pages in particular: should there always be a subsection for DNB01 links? NB that we have not standardised format for the DNB sections on Author pages yet. Charles Matthews (talk) 07:10, 7 October 2010 (UTC)

An interesting feature, when studying artisans, is how their style evolves. With hidden suffixes, the separation would be the only clue for visitors.

While on this topic... From what I gather, the software looks for the data strings DNB00, DNB01, and DNB12 for logic statements. An alternative means to distinguish the biographies would require referencing an accurate master list for purposes of generating the correct reference citation. On the computer, an alphabetized listing will get the reader to the correct DNB material. For those going to the bookshelves...the volume ID helps accelerate the search process.

{{DNB link}}, can now be adjusted (proper suffix |01 for DNB01) to reflect proper citation up through the 1912 publication. Got some great support to complete these templates in a timely fashion. Thanks! JamAKiska (talk) 02:44, 12 October 2010 (UTC)

OK, this list is supposed to be definitive. There are around six possible causes of error, and I believe I have checked two :-( The most insidious one is that the biography may be wrongly listed as DNB00. If you come across any omissions, please leave me a note so I can understand why it happened. If there any duplications, have a look to see if disambiguation is needed; if so the author pages should be changed at the same time. I don't expect so much in 5% of the names, and modern names have greater complexity anyway. This list should be worth pouring into volume ToCs at least. Charles Matthews (talk) 21:29, 7 October 2010 (UTC)

Replied on your talk page. JamAKiska (talk) 02:44, 12 October 2010 (UTC)

All links requiring disambiguation have been forwarded to author pages, except for these two: 2 Orphans...

  • {DNB lkpl|Fairchild, Thomas|year=01}} PN, no author page.
  • {DNB lkpl|Thompson, William (1785?-1833)|year=01}} anonymous