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Information about this edition
Source: From Laws Applicable to the United States Department of Agriculture, 1912, Google Books scan, page 214. Attachment from Bird Lore, Volume X, No. 1, scan, page 57 (also seen on Google Books scan of same book).
Contributor(s): Clindberg
Level of progress: Proofread and corrected 75%.svg
Notes: This PDF (page 28) states that this EO was revoked, with a notice published in the April 17, 1969 Federal Register (Vol. 34, No. 73). This book states that it was "de-listed as a National Wildlife Refuge" in April 1969. This Public Land Order listing confirms it was revoked by Public Land Order #4597 of April 10, 1969. Proclamation 2416, which renamed most existing wildlife reservations as National Wildlife Refuges, does not appear to mention East Timbalier Island.