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Information about this edition
Source: initial dump from Profect Gutenberg source lvgrs10.txt: May, 1998 Project Gutenberg [Date last updated: June 21, 2004]
Contributor(s): This Etext created by G. Fuhrman; Wiki-formatted by Wolfman
Level of progress:

Anchors to Poems[edit]

In books where the poems are named, I used standard subheadings. So, a table of contents is visible. These poems are linkable in the usual way (e.g. Leaves_Of_Grass_Book_V#Recorders_Ages_Hence). In 'numbered' books, it seemed silly to have a TOC just giving numbers. But, I did find a way to add anchors in the text, so these poems can also be linked directly by number (e.g. Leaves_Of_Grass_Book_III#5) even though there is no visible TOC. --Wolfman

I have implemented a simpler system of anchoring for 'numbered' books in Song of Myself by using third-degree headers (===) and the {{Empty TOC}} template I created. Here is the template's syntax:
{{Empty TOC|[[#1|1]] [[#2|2]] [[#3|3]] [[#4|4]] [[#5|5]] [[#6|6]] [[#7|7]] [[#8|8]] [[#9|9]] ...}}
Add as many numbers as there are in the poem, and it will produce the following TOC:

Table of contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
If you have the time/will, please extend this organization to the other concerned books. Marianika 16:33, 16 February 2007 (UTC)