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In the 1920s/1930s the Rockefeller family envisioned a new world age of corporate States, the vision's first interest centered around building a US version of the Dutch East Indies Company / VOC which had gone bankrupt in 1795, and had been replaced by a Dutch based colonial government which was promoting private property rights, freedom of speech. After several years of discrediting the Dutch as cruel colonial masters in the media, Japan working with Sukarno removed the Dutch and put Sukarno into power, after the war the United Nations ignoring the requests of the other island nations created the United States of Indonesia including Sukarno and his Axis militia as one of the sixteen member States of the federation. During 1950 Sukarno invaded the Moluccas and declared the USI had been replaced by his Republic of Indonesia.

In 1935 Rockefeller/ Standard Oil sent geologist Jean Dozy to explore if West New Guinea had any economic minerals, in 1936 he reported he had found the world's richest concentrations of gold & copper. After Sukarno established control of Indonesia from Sumatra to the Australian continental Moluccas Islands, he began demanding possession of West New Guinea threatening to nationalise Dutch and other business assets unless the Netherlands surrendered this colony to Indonesian administration.

In March 1959 the Dutch colonial government of West New Guinea announced it had found alluvial gold flowing into the Arafura Sea, and was now searching for which mountain it was coming from. Rockefeller's Freeport Sulphur company then negotiated a contract with a Dutch company through which they lodged a 1960 claim for the gold & copper deposit only as a minor copper deposit. Freeport also contacted the Bechtel corporation to study the feasibility of a gold and copper mine at Timika in West New Guinea.

With the long term relationship between Bechtel Inc. and Directors of the CIA, after West New Guinea elected & installed its own national Parliament in April 1961 whose independence UN Sec. Gen. Dag Hammarskjold was in approval of; on 18/Sept/1961 Hammarskjold was killed in a plane accident; around 20/Sept/1961 the US Mission at the UN began recruiting Islamic members to support Indonesian demands for West New Guinea; on 1/Dec/1961 West New Guinea now calling itself West Papua raised its own national flag, the Morning Star; around 18/Dec/1961 Indonesia attempted a air invasion which failed as the Papuans arrested the troops and sent the prisoners back to Java.; Sukarno arrived in Washington to tell Pres. Kennedy that Indonesia would become a communist State unless the Netherlands surrendered the people of West New Guinea to Indonesian administration.

For reasons not in the records, Kennedy was convince by somebody to believe Sukarno's threats. This is the point at which he instructed Robert Kennedy to negotiate the New York Agreement.

Although the intent of New York Agreement violates several international conventions, the UN Charter, and UN Resolutions 1514 and 1541; the Agreement was still signed by Indonesia, the Netherlands, and the United Nations itself, now under U Thant as Sec. Gen.

The upshot of the transfer of administration against Papuan wishes was that in 1967 Freeport purchased a 30 year mining license for West New Guinea's gold & copper; now the world's largest mine dumping over 300,000 tons of waste into the world's oceans each day.

Freeport Sulphur is now Freeport McMoRan, and with Bechtel Inc. as well as other members of the "US Indonesia Society" of companies have been major campaign supporters of GW Bush. A kindness rewarded by his efforts since Jan/2001 to resume U.S. funding of the Indonesian military (TNI) which continues to employ Laskar Jihad, JI, and other Al Qaeda networks. It seems likely that Pres. Bush was also vital in helping the US Indonesia Society to get special access to get the US Senate to remove Section 1115 from the Foreign Relations bill.

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