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This is an original translation by Jmabel, as can be seen by examining the discussion at wikipedia.

Jmabel multi-licenses his contributions under the GFDL & Creative Commons.

Internet archive[edit]

The internet archive has a recording of this speech. It's in Spanish but the words match the copy on es.wikisource so I'm pretty sure it's the same speech. However, neither nor es.wikisource provide any licensing information. I'd copy the file over to commons and add a {{listen}} template here if I knew which licence applies. It might be {{PD-1996}}, if it's PD in Chile and was never published in the US (which is possible but I haven't been able to verify it). NB: He committed suicide shortly after giving this speech, which may affect the copyright status. - AdamBMorgan (talk) 20:31, 9 April 2011 (UTC)


We don’t have license template but per Wikisource:CV#Salvador_Allende.27s_Last_Speech it is PD

According to legislation here, there's no copyright violations in this case.

"Artículo 71 D. [...] Las conferencias, discursos políticos, alegatos judiciales y otras obras del mismo carácter que hayan sido pronunciadas en público, podrán ser utilizadas libremente y sin pago de remuneración, con fines de información, quedando reservado a su autor el derecho de publicarlas en colección separada."

Google translation

"Article 71 D [...] conferences, political speeches, legal pleadings and other works of the same character which have been delivered in public, may be used freely and without payment of remuneration, for information, being reserved to their author's right to publish them in separate collection. "