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Information about this edition
Edition: Scribner, Armstrong & Co, New York
Source: Internet archive
Contributor(s): Zaqrfv
Level of progress: Text Complete. 50%.svg
Notes: See below.


This translation is by Ellen E. Frewer, and was first published by Sampson Low in London. The Scribner, Armstrong & Co. edition is likely using the Sampson Low plates.

The translation is of modest quality. Some chapters have been significantly shortened, and the translator clearly struggled with the mathematics (and French units) that are critical to some parts of the novel. Zaqrfv

Is there any evidence that Frewer really translated this novel? Frewer's other translations are all after 1875 for Verne. I have not seen a card catalog entry listing the translator. Varnesavant
Trans. Ellen E. Frewer is claimed on the Verne bibliography by Evans. --Zaqrfv (talk) 10:50, 15 December 2008 (UTC)


The original is PD-old. I've used PD-1923 for the translation since I don't know the date of Frewer's death. From online British census records, Ellen Elizabeth Frewer was born 1848/1849, and is still listed in the 1901 census, so "100 years since death" would be open to question.