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As I found it, the text for this work was composed of the following:

  • Some front matter from Index:The_happy_prince_and_other_tales.djvu an edition has nice Robinson illustrations. The rest of that index is incomplete. Presenting the text and illustrations is difficult, or I would have done simply done that.
  • The contents are pages that have been moved under this title, they were created years ago. The ones I checked do not provide a source, I assume they were copy-pasted from elsewhere.

I am going to replace the above with Index:The Happy Prince and other tales (1888).djvu, after seeing an advert for the version with Crane illustrations. What I found was a scan of the presentation edition held—I imagine very closely—by the BYU Library, there is an inscription on the inside cover. If it is a forgery I hope it is a good one, and doesn't affect my transcription. CYGNIS INSIGNIS 06:30, 29 October 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]