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Information about this edition
Edition: Published 1823
Source: See below
Contributor(s): Nonenmac
Level of progress: Complete 100 percent.svg
Notes: *Subtitled The Sources of the Susquehanna.
Proofreaders: Nonenmac

There are numerous copies of The Pioneers on the web. As they seem to have the same scanning errors, I'm assuming that most are from the Project Gutenberg text:

A version with jpegs of the original 1823 edition book pages is

There is apparently-OCR'd text accompanying the images, but it is at least as faulty as the Gutenberg text and claims to be copyrighted. This first edition does appear to be somewhat different than the Gutenberg text. The latter seems to have a lot of minor deletions and changes of wording that must have been done for editorial purposes.

Various other sites which have the text of The Pioneers (apparently from the 1832 edition) are:

Also online:

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