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కూకటి kukati, s. A small lock of hair, under, or above, the long lock, which the Hindoos leave on the erown of the head.

కూకటిమూగ kukatimuga, s. The fork tailed shrike.

కూకలు kiikaln, s. plu. Cries, noises.

కూకీలు kukilu, s. plu. Doves, pige- ons.

కూచము kutsamu, 8. A pillar, or post.

కూచి kucki, adj. Sharp pointed.

కూచీ kiichi, s- A march.

కూజా kudza, s. A gugglet. కూటమి kutami, s. Copulation. 2. Union, junction. 3. Society, assemblage.

కూటము, కూటాము kiif;amu, kutamu, s. A hall.

కూటము kiitamu, s. The summit. 2. A house. 3. A hammer. 4. A heap of grain, &c. 5. An assemblage. 6. Fraud, deceit-

కూటస్థుడు kutasthudu, s.The first ancestor of a race or lineage. 2. The common ancestor of different families.

కూటువ kutuva, s. An army, consisting of cavalry, infantry, chariots? and elephants.. కూడముట్టు kudanrnttu,!?. a.To pursue, to over -run.

కూడలి kudali, .9. The meeting of different limits. కూడలిదారి kudalidari, The meeting of four roads.

కూడా kuda, adv. Along with, accompanying. 2. Also. This word, which, in fact, is merely the infinitive of. కూడు kudu, q. v. Lengthened, is usually added to the postposition- తో to, With, to strengthen the connexion. In books, however, it may occasionally be met with al- one in this sense ; but, when used alone, denotes in general also. వారుకూడావచ్చినారు varukiidavachchinaru, They also are come. కూడాపోవు kudap6vu, To go together.

కూడు kudu, s. Food, victuals. 2. Boiled rice. This word, as a noun, makes it's inflexion. కూటి kiiti, Thus, కూటికుండ kutikunda, A pot for boiling rice. కూటినీళ్లు kudnillu. Sour gruel, v. a. To associate with. 2. To copulate. 3. To add, or sum up, figures, v. n. To be joined. 2- To agree, to be on good terms ; to be unanimous. 3. To be amassed, or accumulated, 4. To be assembled or met.

కూత kuta, 5. A cry or exclamation. 2. A clamour or disturbance. The j noise made by any animal ; as barking, braying, crowing, mew- ing ; also the note of any bird.

కూతు, కూతురు kiitu, kuturu, s. A daughter. The second word makes it's sing. In flex. కూతురి-కూతిరిబిడ్డ kuturi-kuturibidcla,^Y. The daugh- ter's child.

కూన kiina, s. An infant. 2. A kitten, or whelp.

కూయు kuyu; v. n. To cry or exclaim. 2. To make a clamour, or disturbance. 3. To make any noise ; as bray, crow, mew, croak, call, or sing. v. a. To call.

కూర kiira, s. A vegetable ; any garden greens. 2. Curry. The green produce of a garden is divided in- to the ఆకుగూరలు akuguralu, Leaf vegetables, and the కాయగూరలు kayaguralu. Or those of which the produce assumes the shape of a head, pod, or fruit.

కూరాడు kiiradn, *. Infiex. Sing. కూరాటి kurati, Water in which rice has been washed, grown sour, and boiled ; vinegar.

కూరిచి kurichi, postpos. vide కూర్చి kurchi.

కూరిమి kurimi, s, Aft'< ition, love, 2 Pity. కూరు kuru, v. To attain. 2. To sleep. 3. To fill or stuff any thing; to load fire arms.

కూరుకు, కూర్కు kuruku, kurku, s. Sleep. v. n. To sleep.

కూర్చి kurchi, postpos. Towards. 2. On account of. 3. Respecting, regarding. It converts nouns to which it is affixed into the accusative case.

కూర్చినవాడు, కూర్చువాడు kurchiuavadu, kurtsuv5du t 5. A friend.

కూర్చు kurtsu, v. a. vide కూడు kudu.

కూర్చుండు kurtsundu, v. n, To be seated; to sit down.

కూర్మి kurmi, s. Affection, love. 2. Pity.

కూలబడు kulabadu, v. n. To fall down suddenly.

కూలి kuli, 5. Daily hire, or wages ; cooly. 2. Daily labour.

కూలు kultt, v. n. To fall down, or be overturned. 2: To die. కూల్చు kultsu, e?. a. To cause to fall, &c. 2. To kill.

కూళ kula, a$. Inferior, low. 2. Wicked.

కూళము kulamu, 5. Chaff.

కూసము kusamu, s. »f6?e కుబుసము kubusamu.