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This template is for headers of articles from The Encyclopedia Americana.


 |volume         =
 |previous       =
 |next           =
 |wikipedia      =
 |wikipedia2     =
 |other_projects =
 |edition        =
 |author         =
 |extra_notes    =
 |override_notes =
 |section        =

The template goes at the top of an article. The previous and next should be filled in, even when those entries have not been created yet. This template is to be used at the top of every entry in the Encyclopedia.

  • | volume =
    • Volume number from which the entry is taken, 1 through to 29 (Roman numerals are not supported)
  • | previous =
    • Type in the name of the previous entry. It will create a link to it.
  • | next =
    • Same as above but goes to next entry.
  • | wikipedia =
    • Link to wikipedia article. Fill in the name of the article for this parameter. If there is no Wikipedia article, leave it blank or remove it.
  • | wikipedia2 =
    • Parameter for a second, relevant wikipedia article.
  • | other_projects =
    • Links to Wikimedia projects, for example Wiktionary, Commons, etc. It can also be used for Wikisource links and when more than two Wikipedia links are desired. Please format it to include the name of the project referred to (if not Wikisource): [[Project Name:Article Name|Article Name]] at [[Project Name:Main_Page|Project Name]]. Only include links to Wikimedia projects.
  • | year =
    • This is for noting the year of publication for the edition from which the article was obtained. The default value is 1920.
  • | author =
    • If the author of the article is known, that name can be added here as a string (no wikilinks required).
  • | extra_notes =
    • This is useful for notifying the reader of significant changes since the article was published, or other useful information about the article not appropriate to the previous parameters.
  • | override_notes =
    • This is useful when this template is used as a header for pages in this project which are not articles from the Encyclopedia. Its use should be restricted to such contexts. If set to nothing, the usual default notes will not be displayed. If set to some text, that text will be displayed instead of the default notes.
  • | section =
    • This is useful in extraordinary situations where the normal display of the SUBPAGENAME is not desired. For example, it is used to implement the examples below since otherwise the SUBPAGENAME of this documentation page (doc) would be displayed instead of the SUBPAGENAME of the article (Cogswell, Joseph Green) for which the header would be used.

The page name for any article using this template as a header should be prefixed by The Encyclopedia Americana (year)/. This prefix is followed by the subject, last name first for biographies, for example The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Cohan, George Michael.



 | volume = 7
 | previous = Cognovit
 | next = Cogswell, Mason Fitch
 | wikipedia = Joseph Cogswell

Edition of 1920. See also Joseph Cogswell on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

Warning: Default sort key "doc" overrides earlier default sort key "Americana/doc".

No Wikipedia link[edit]

 | volume = 29
 | previous = Zerbi, Gabriel
 | next = Zerbst
The Encyclopedia Americana, Volume 29
Zerboni di Sposetti, Joseph

Edition of 1920. See also the disclaimer.

Other projects[edit]

 | volume = 7
 | previous = Cognizance
 | next = Cogswell, Joseph Green
 | other_projects = [[Wiktionary:cognovit|cognovit]] on [[Wiktionary:Main Page|Wiktionary]]

For this entry also, there was no appropriate Wikipedia link. This could also be used if there were more than two appropriate Wikipedia links, or to link to an article in Wikisource.

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