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Creates internal links to {{anchor}}s in main and Page namespace, displaying custom text.

mandatory parameters
  • 1, subpage = name of a subpage in relation to the work's root page. If the subpage doesn't exist, it looks for a sibling page in relation to the current page. If that one does not exist, it looks for a sibling of the pages's parent. Otherwise, it leaves the name as is.
  • 2, pageno = page number with the work in the Page: namespace
  • 3, anchor = name of anchor
optional parameter
  • 4, text = text displayed. If ommited, anchor is used.

Example 1[edit]

The word appears in the {{anchor link 2|subpage=Volume 2/Chapter 6|pageno=616|anchor=p35_yeftes|text=sixth chapter}}.

Example 2[edit]

yeftes, ''gifts'', {{anchor link 2|Vol. II/Liber Secundus/Fable 3|51|p256_thende|35}}, 36, 251

See its usage at Page:The fables of Aesop...and Poggio and The fables of Aesop by William Caxton (Jacobs)/Vol. II/Glossary.

Note: This anchor depends on the name of the work in the Page: namespace to align with the name of the work in main namespace to allow the links to work by default in both places.

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