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For general help concerning the standardised templates or their use, please see the Wikipedian WikiProject on User Warnings.


All parameters are optional; any ignored parameter will automagically default to generic wording. There are two syntaxes (usage methods) that can be used with this template, a simple and an expert syntax.

Simple syntax: The simple syntax is appropriate for most uses, and can be manually written with relative ease. However, this syntax does not allow the use of pipes (|) or equal signs (=); this means that diff links and will not work.

Expert syntax: The expert syntax is slightly more complex, but allows all symbols to be used in the text. This means that diff links and complex signatures can be used without problem. This syntax is most appropriate for use with tools that automatically fill out the template syntax for you.


No parameters specified


Simple syntax

{{block1|signature|time limit|for reason}}

Expert syntax

{{block1|time=The Time|reason=For the reason|signature=The signature}}

See also[edit]

  • Test edits
    • {{Test}}: Notice about apparent test edits
    • {{Test2a}}: Notice about test edits that remove content
  • Inappropriate edits
  • Warnings
    • {{warning}}: Warning for adding nonsense
    • {{warning2}}: Warning for adding obscenities or damaging content (in a way that doesn't appear to be a test edit)
  • Blocks
    • {{block1}}: Short blocks (a week or shorter)
    • {{block2}}: Long blocks (longer than a week)
    • {{block3}}: Indefinite blocks