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[[Author:{{{1}}} {{{2}}}|{{{2}}}, {{{1}}}]]

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This template creates a link to the Author namespace from a page, based on the params supplied to it.

This template is preferable to a piped link, because it will allow for search bots to scan a catalog based on partial information.

Params: Type 1 usage: a - The author name as used on the Author: page d - The text/wikimarkup to display.


Type 2 usage :

  1. firstname - The firstnames (or initals) of the Author to be linked. (Mandatory)
  2. lastname - The lastname of the Author to be linked (Mandatory)
  3. years - The lifetime of the Author (used for disambiguation) (Optional)


Place {{ci-author}} with the appropriate type 1 or type 2 params at the requiste locations.

Type 1[edit]

{{ci-author|a=Anonymous|d='''A. Non'''}}

A. Non

Type 2 =[edit]


Doe, Jane