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This template creates a wikilink that takes a different value depending on whether it is located within the Page: and Index: namespaces or other namespaces such as Main.

It takes 3 arguments. The first is the link for the Page: namespace, the second is the link for the Main namespace, the third is displayed text.


The code below links to Page:Life with the Esquimaux - 1864 - Volume 2.djvu/356 in the Page: namespace, it to Life with the Esquimaux/Volume 2/Appendix#a1 in the Main namespace, and it displays Appendix, No. 1. in both cases:

{{double link|Page:Life with the Esquimaux - 1864 - Volume 2.djvu/356|Life with the Esquimaux/Volume 2/Appendix#a1|Appendix, No. 1.}}

See also[edit]

  • {{TOC link}}: for table of content page links, allowing linking to mainspace chapter
  • {{Scan page link}}: for auto-offset page links
  • {{Scan page link 2}}: for page links that cannot be auto-offset (e.g. roman numerals)
  • {{Scan page link 3}}: for page links that are not auto-offset, and allow linking to mainspace chapter
  • {{Auto TOC link}}: adds an automatic link to the correct chapter in mainspace, for ease of use when large numbers of links are required