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This page is transcluded from Template:Collective work link/calling template doc.


This template enables linking from Wikisource articles (usually author pages) to articles in 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica. This template is built on top of {{collective work link}}.


{{EB1911 link|name of the article}}

An author can be added with the optional author parameter.


{{EB1911 link|Sigel, Franz}}

displays as:

Sigel, Franz”, in Encyclopædia Britannica, (11th ed., 1911)


{{EB1911 link|Sigel, Franz|author=[[Author:Whitelaw Reid|]]}}

displays as:

Sigel, Franz”, by Whitelaw Reid in Encyclopædia Britannica, (11th ed., 1911)

A link different from the displayed article name can be specified with the optional link parameter.

{{EB1911 link|Derby, 15th Earl of|link=Derby, Earls of#15th Earl}}

displays as:

Derby, 15th Earl of”, in Encyclopædia Britannica, (11th ed., 1911)