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A list of all featured texts on Wikisource, including any texts known to be scheduled for the future.


{{featured schedule}}

Can be placed on any page to show the list of featured texts; mostly limited to the Featured Text area of the Wikisource namespace. The template naturally floats to the right of the page.

Adding a new year

| colspan="2" | {{featured schedule/year
 | year = 
 | 1    = 
 | 2    = 
 | 3    = 
 | 4    = 
 | 5    = 
 | 6    = 
 | 7    = 
 | 8    = 
 | 9    = 
 | 10   = 
 | 11   = 
 | 12   = 
 | width =

To add a new year, a new row must be added to the table that makes up the template, using the text shown here. This uses sub-templates, {{featured schedule/formatting}} and {{featured schedule/year}}, to create the required section.

  • Year: (required) This is the year shown in the title bar. It is also used to automatically highlight the current featured text. If it matches the current year, the index does not appear collapsed, otherwise it does.
  • 1 to 12: The text required for each month. This text can be wikilinked, or not, and the paramter can accept any extra text as required. If no text is entered, the month will not be shown.
    • These parameters can also be the full name of the month (january to december), the abbreviation of the month (jan to dec) or even omitted entirely. For example, the first unnamed parameter will be treated as January, the twelfth will be treated as December, and so forth.
  • Width: (optional) The width of the left-hand column. By default set to "25%".

Adding new scheduled works

New works can be added by entering the wikilink to the featured text against the appropriate month in the template for the appropriate year.

For example:

| colspan="2" | {{featured schedule/year
 | year = 2010
 | 1    = Foo
 | 2    = [[Bar|Feburary text]]

In this template the "Foo" is the featured text for January 2010 and "Bar" is the featured text for February 2010. Bar will appear as "February text", as normal for a piped wikilink; Foo would not be wikilinked in this example.

The following options are interchangeable:

 | 1        = Foo
 | jan      = Foo
 | january  = Foo

The example could also be written as:

| colspan="2" | {{featured schedule/year | year=2010 | Foo | [[Bar|Feburary text]] }}

Months that have no text will not be displayed. In order to show that no text was featured in a month, enter an m-dash, ie. "—", for that month.

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