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This template makes it easy to format references to Bible verses in Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar.

It automatically links the chapter number to the King James Bible. There's nothing very special about this edition except that it is complete and proofread here at WikiSource. The plan is to link it to a Hebrew Tanakh, such as Mikraot Gedolot. Another possibility is to let the reader select the most convenient Bible version. These things, however, are a bit more complicated technically. The work on this is being done at {{GHGbible-ref-heb}}; any help will be appreciated.


  • {{GHGbible-ref|book=BOOK_ABBREVIATION|chapter=CHAPTER|verse=VERSE}}

The verse parameter is optional.


  • {{GHGbible-ref|book=Ne|chapter=2}} -> Ne 2
  • {{GHGbible-ref|book=Ex|chapter=3|verse=14}} -> Ex 314
  • Ps (Psalms) is automatically converted to ψ: {{GHGbible-ref|book=Ps|chapter=40|verse=3}} -> ψ 403
  • PsPs is converted to ψψ.

Sometimes several verses from the same book are cited. Enter the book name and add the argument "hidebook":

  • {{GHGbible-ref|book=Jon|chapter=1|verse=14}}, {{GHGbible-ref|book=Jon|chapter=4|verse=2|hidebook=1}} -> Jon 114, 42

Sometimes verses from the same chapter are cited consecutively, as in §15p. In the printed book it is prefixed with v. or vv. Accordingly, use the value "v" or "vv" for the "hidebook" parameter:

  • {{GHGbible-ref|book=Ex|chapter=20|verse=2.3-6.7.8-|hidebook=v}} -> v. 2.3-6.7.8-

If the book abbreviation is wrong, an error message will be displayed:

This template uses {{GHGbible-ref/book}} and {{GHGbible-ref/linker}} to translate book abbreviations to links.

Abbreviations (for some books there are several possibilities in the book):

Genesis Gn or Gn. or Gen
Exodus Ex
Leviticus Lv or Lv. or Lev
Numbers Nu
Deuteronomy Dt
Joshua Jos
Judges Ju or Ju. or Jud
1 Samuel 1 S
2 Samuel 2 S
1 Kings 1 K
2 Kings 2 K
Isaiah Is
Jeremiah Jer or Jer. or Je
Ezekiel Ez or Ez. or Eze
Hosea Hos or Ho
Joel Jo or Joel
Amos Am or Amos
Obadiah Ob
Jonah Jon
Micah Mi or Mic
Nahum Na or Nah
Habakkuk Hb or Hab
Zephaniah Zp
Haggai Hag
Zechariah Zc
Malachi Mal or Mal.
Psalms Ps (automatically converted to ψ) or Ps.
Proverbs Pr
Job Jb or Job
Canticle Ct or Cant
Ruth Ru
Lamentations La
Ecclesiastes Ec
Esther Est
Daniel Dn
Ezra Ezr
Nehemiah Neh or Ne
1 Chronicles 1 Ch or 1 Chr
2 Chronicles 2 Ch or 2 Chr
I Esdras 3 Ezr (yes, it's confusing)
1 Maccabees 1 Macc.
Ecclesiasticus or Sirac Ecclus or Sirac
New Testament
Mark Mark or St. Mark
John Jn
Acts Acts
Revelation Rv