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Header periodical
transcribed articles

Content exists for this periodical, though at this stage it is not specifically organised beyond a basic hierarchy. The pages listed below are an automatically generated listing.

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This template is used in the main namespace for periodicals where we have articles, though no curated content by edition. It is the means to display the root page, or subpages of a periodical where no listing is manually being maintained. The template transcludes an automatically generated listing from Special:PrefixIndex/

{{header periodical}}

The periodical header expects works subdivided by year, an where it detects a similar subpage for the year before or the year after, then these will be display in the previous and next fields.

{{header periodical|year=1879}}

Categorisation of the year of the work occurs through the subdivision by year, or by use of the year parameter.

Available parameters[edit]

  • year — where works are listed on a subpage by year, and the periodical is further separated by issue, then a year can be assigned by use of the year = … parameter.
  • pubyears — free text; recommended that first and last years of publication are added, use akin to {{header}} "override_year"
  • portal — when a portal is to be assigned, as per {{header}}
  • notes — when notes are to be added, as per {{header}}