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{{index validated date
 | transcluded  = 

Categorises index pages by date of final validation.

It also records the manual check of the work that all required pages have been transcluded, based on {{Index transcluded}}.


MONTH YEAR: Date must be entered manually.

transcluded can take one of three responses

  • no, to indicate that the transclusion of the work is incomplete or needs checking
  • notadv, to indicate work proper transcluded, though front or end matteradvertising material is not transcluded
  • yes, to indicate fully transcluded

Note: that it is very important that the checking tool on the index pages is used prior to adding the parameter, please skip the parameter if you are not running the manual check.

 {{index validated date|MONTH YEAR|transcluded=no}}
 {{index validated date|MONTH YEAR|no}}
 {{index validated date|MONTH YEAR}}

Where the transclusion check has been undertaken by use of the tool, then the following could also be applied.

 {{index validated date|MONTH YEAR|transcluded=notadv}}
 {{index validated date|MONTH YEAR|notadv}}
 {{index validated date|MONTH YEAR|transcluded=yes}}
 {{index validated date|MONTH YEAR|yes}}

Top icon[edit]

This template adds a top icon as well as a category. This is intended as a quick visual reference that the template is in place.


If a date is given in the template, this template will categorise an Index page into FOO.

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