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Returns the name of the appropriate portal, given Subclasses, in the appropriate Class of an adapted version of the Library of Congress Classification system.


{{LCC Class A
 | subclass1 = 
 | subclass2 = 
 | number    = 

Sister templates have the same usage but vary the template name, eg. LCC Class B, LCC Class C and so forth.


  • subclass1: The main subclass
  • subclass2: The secondary subclass
  • number: This parameter is not implemented at this time. It exists as a provision for possible future use of the number segment of the Library of Congress Classification system.

The template defaults to the first main subclass and no secondary subclass. If no parameters are provided, this template will return the first subclass of the appropriate category (eg. "Collective works" as Subclass AC - Collective Works is the first subclass of Class A).

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