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Prevents wrapping of lines like {{nowrap}} (redirect: {{NW}}) plus the option to also apply <tt>/<code> tags or <nowiki> tags or both. This also works without any of those but if all you want is the no wrapping part use {{NW}} instead.

Note: The nowiki option makes use of {{#tag:}}, which doesn't work correctly with templates.

The order doesn't matter as long as the text goes last (e.g. {{NW2|c|nw|''text''}} is the same as {{NW2|nw|c|''text''}}).

  • {{NW2|c|''text''}} - nowrap + <code>
  • {{NW2|tt|''text''}} - nowrap + <tt>
  • {{NW2|nw|''text''}} - nowrap + <nowiki>
  • {{NW2|c|nw|''text''}} - nowrap + <code> + <nowiki>
  • {{NW2|nw|tt|''text''}} - nowrap + <tt> + <nowiki>